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The Client Connector FAQ

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What is a lead?

A lead is a person or organization that has an interest in your services. The interest is expressed by sharing contact information, like an email address or phone number. It is then your responsibility to call, text or email them back to close the deal. Any lead is exclusive in that we don`t sell or cross refer leads to other businesses unless the lead contacts them directly.

Why are you asking for business licenses or credentials?

Displaying your license or credentials adds to your business credibility and increases the chances of a potential customers reaching out to you.

What if a lead turned out not to be a potential customer?

If a call, text, or email was from a telemarketer, spammer, or solicitor, you have the option to reject those calls on your dashboard under the “pending leads” tab. You will then not be charged.

How will I be billed?

We bill for lead daily. We give you 3 days to review and request rejection for invalid leads. We allow you to configure an auto-recharge rule to reduce the number of credit card transactions but you can always choose to simply pay as you go.

How can I reject a lead?

Go to your dashboard and click on the unbilled leads area. Click the “isreject” column icon on the row you wish to reject. The rejection option in only meant to give you the ability to reject leads that were not interested in doing business with your company (sales calls, solicitors, telemarketers or spammers). PLEASE NOTE the rate of lead rejections is periodically reviewed. Relatively high inappropriately rejected lead rates can result in account termination. This is acted upon by a case by case basis. Please view the Terms for more information.

What happens if I forget to reject the non potential customer leads before I am billed?

Once you are invoiced for a lead it is too late to reject the lead. In rare situations we do issue credits for non-conforming leads.

What is a landing page?

We refer to your landing page as the page or website we build for your company based on your business information you submit to us. This page is on our site or is an entire site and is what we will advertise. Customers will come to your landing page or website and then ideally call, email or text you at your assigned number which will then be forwarded on to your business phone(s).

How will you market my business?

Our goal is get you local customers by advertising locally in places such as google adwords, google places, facebook, other search engines, online directories, pay per click advertising, etc. We also try establish good web traction by creating a fully optimized website based on your business information and attempt to get as many business listings as we can in local directories, local search engines and more. We do everything we do for our own business so rest assured we will do everything in our power to bring you verified, affordable and exclusive leads.

Are there monthly fees?

No. The only fees comes from invoiced leads which have hopefully led to new customers for your business.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

Every business that comes on our system need to begin with a small setup fee. This allows us to get your business profile up and running. We offer two types of ways to join our platform. One way is to become a member and pay the lowest rate for leads. This requires a small fee per month to continue paying the lowest rates. The other method of joining is to simply pay the setup fee and a slightly higher rate for leads. With this model there is no monthly membership fee but the rates are higher. Give us a call as we are happy to explain everything about our program.

What if I no longer want TCC services?

All we ask is a 30 day notice prior to canceling our services. At that point we will happily refund any prepaid leads you may have purchased. Please know that our process is different and only gets stronger and better the longer you are with us.

What is a Dashboard?

Your dashboard is the main page in your account. Here you can view and manage your account details, business details, view and print invoices, make payments, manage billing information, review and reject leads and more.

What if I have changed my business, or I am starting another business?

We know things change. You can simply edit your existing business or click on the “add another business” tab in your personal dashboard.

Will I be provided a unique phone number and Landing page for EACH business I own?

Yes! Each business receives it's own unique phone number so we can monitor leads for each business more efficiently. Each business has their own separate package as well.

What if I can't log in?

There is a "forgot your password" feature where you can request a password reset which helps you get your password reset using your account email address.

How do I contact TCC if I need assistance or have a question?

Email us at or call or text us at 1.844.949.2444 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We do have live chat too so there is no shortage of ways to reach us.

How is my credit or debit card on file protected?

We only use PCI compliant facilities to store your personal financial information. We use as our primary payment provider and they are a certified PCI compliant facility. By relying on these facilities, it allows us to not have to save your financial data on our servers thereby protecting your data with known and respected financial data experts in the field.

What are the two ways of signing up?

1) Become a member. Membership members enjoy a 60%+ reduction in lead fees and are also given a free profile that will market your actual business information. This include a free profile phone number that will not charge you for any calls coming from this number. It is a little extra perk for being a member. 2) Pay as you go. We like to call this a low cost way of starting with us. There is no monthly membership fees but leads do cost a bit more than the membership rate. You also will not receive a free profile landing page which is designed to get you free traffic. Give us a call today so we can discuss all the bells of whistles of each type of plan.