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Terms of Use Agreement

This Terms of Use Agreement ("Agreement") constitutes a binding agreement between you (referred to as "User," "you," or "your") and The Client Connector (referred to as "Company," "we," "us," or "our"). This Agreement outlines the terms and conditions that govern your use of The Client Connector's services and your participation in the Customer Lead Program ("Program"). By accessing and using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in this Agreement.

Purpose of Agreement and Program:
This Agreement governs your relationship with the Company and your participation in the Program. The Program aims to facilitate the usage of your business information, including your business name, logo, contact information, and other details submitted by you to the Company for marketing purposes. By participating in the Program, you grant us permission to utilize your information to refer potential customers to your business. This may involve creating business listings on various third-party platforms and engaging in marketing activities.

Business Information Usage:
You authorize the Company to utilize your business information without limitations for marketing purposes, including creating business listings on third-party platforms such as Google Business, Bing Business, Nextdoor, Yelp, social media sites, and other relevant directories. Additionally, you grant the Company permission to contact your previous customer leads to review their interactions with your business, with the possibility of displaying these reviews on our site or other third-party business listing pages.

Voice Call Interactions:
You agree to have your voice call interactions recorded for purposes of quality assessment, process improvement, and documenting reasons for lead rejection. These recordings will be used to enhance our processes and lead quality.

Approval and Participation:
You acknowledge that your participation in the Program is subject to Company approval. You will be notified of your acceptance unless notified otherwise through phone, text, or email. The Company reserves the right to withhold or refuse approval without providing detailed reasons for rejection. Once approved, your ongoing participation is contingent upon complying with the terms of this Agreement. Non-compliance with the Agreement or the Company's privacy policy will result in disqualification from the Program. The Company's privacy policy may change and will be updated accordingly. By continuing to interact with leads, you agree to the most recent version of the privacy policy.

Notification of Changes:
You are required to promptly inform the Company of any material changes in your business practices, contact information, licensure, insurance, bonding, or strategy. The Company reserves the right to withdraw approval at any time and for any reason.

Domain Name Usage:
You grant the Company permission to register domain names based on your business information for marketing and advertising purposes. These domain names may include your business name, location, and other identifiers. The Company may respond to customer emails using these domain email addresses or other methods to contact potential customers on your behalf.

Customer Obligations
To initiate the enrollment process, you are required to complete and submit the online application via our website. This involves registering a new account and providing accurate business information, along with any applicable one-time, non-refundable setup fees for your account. Your application will be reviewed within a reasonable timeframe. Please note that we retain the right to reject your application at our sole discretion. If such a decision is made, you will be notified through email, phone call, and/or text message.
Your application may be rejected or your existing account canceled if your business is found to be unsuitable for our Program due to the following reasons:
  • Promotion of sexually explicit materials.
  • Promotion of violence.
  • Promotion of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Promotion of illegal activities.
  • Incorporation of materials that infringe or facilitate infringement on copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights, or violate the law.
  • Use of our name or variations thereof in domain names.
  • Engagement in activities that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or objectionable to us in our sole discretion.
  • Inclusion of software downloads that could divert lead payments from other referral sources participating in our Program.
  • Promotion of "get-rich-quick" schemes with no substantial business value.
  • Any reason determined to be of little or no use to us or our site visitors.
  • Any reason that might potentially harm our brand or online reputation.
  • Any reason that could negatively impact our search engine standing, ability to advertise your business, or create third-party business listings due to standards or policies.
  • Any history of non-compliance with terms or non-payment for legitimate leads by the account owner or business contact.
  • Any history of high rejection rate(s) of leads by the account holder or business contact.
  • Violation of any other term or condition referenced in this Agreement.
You are prohibited from designing or operating your website, either explicitly or implied, in a way that resembles our website or misleads customers into believing you are affiliated with us, without obtaining prior written permission from us. As a member of our Program, you will have access to our Customer Lead Control Panel (Dashboard). This portal provides access to lead performance data, billing information, the ability to reject leads prior to invoice submission, and the capability to update your contact and payment details. Please note that this data is our property and must not be shared with unauthorized users or businesses. Unauthorized sharing of this data constitutes a breach of this agreement. In order to ensure accurate lead tracking and delivery, you must maintain up-to-date phone and email contact information for your business. We are not liable for missed conversions due to inaccurate or unreachable contact information. Moreover, any modifications made by you that result in communication failures, such as email bounces or call forwarding issues, are your responsibility. Some of the information used to market your business may be sourced from the website or Facebook page submitted during your business registration. It is your duty to maintain and update your site to ensure accuracy. While we may monitor your site for marketing correctness, we do not assume responsibility for outdated marketing material resulting from changes in your business information or materials. You are solely responsible for complying with all applicable intellectual property and other laws related to your site. Upon request, we will provide contact information for your business to law enforcement personnel or agencies. You must have proper authorization to use any copyrighted material. We are not liable if you use copyrighted material or intellectual property in violation of the law or third-party rights. You are obligated to regularly review this Agreement and remain informed of any changes. While we will make reasonable efforts to notify you of major changes, it is your responsibility to stay updated.

Rights and Responsibilities

Our Monitoring Rights:
We retain the authority to periodically monitor your business activities, including your public customer acquisition methods, websites, and/or third-party listings. This monitoring is conducted to ensure your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

Your Lead Review Right:
You possess the entitlement to request a review of accepted leads, with the option to confirm or override their acceptability. Leads that you reject will not be displayed in your dashboard and cannot be contacted using our system.

Term and Termination

Commencement and Duration:
This Agreement shall become effective upon your submission of the application and will remain in force unless terminated as specified herein. Either party, you or us, reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason. Notification of termination may be conveyed through phone calls, text messages, and/or email. In the event of termination, we will make our best efforts to cease the delivery of leads to your business promptly.
Notice and Procedure:
Should you opt to terminate this agreement, written notice must be provided via email to support@theclientconnector.com. Upon receiving proper notice, we will initiate the termination process. However, it's important to note that after termination, we hold no obligation to remove any existing business listings or marketing materials that were distributed during the course of our agreement.
Outstanding Payments and Refunds:
Upon termination, whether initiated by you or us, any outstanding lead payments due at that time will be included in the subsequent billable invoice and will follow the standard issuance process. In the case of prepaid Reserve Amounts, refunds will be processed within 30 days following the account's termination.

Referring Agent Accountability:

If you also serve as a referring agent for the Company, your account may be subject to termination if your activities within your account violate any corresponding terms of service. Your understanding and adherence to the terms outlined above are essential for maintaining a productive business relationship with The Client Connector. If you have any inquiries regarding termination or related matters, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Flexibility in Terms:
At our sole discretion, we retain the right to make alterations to any of the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. If such modifications are made, you may or may not receive notification via email (sent to the email address provided during your registration with the Company). These modifications could encompass various aspects, including but not limited to changes in payment procedures and adjustments to Program rules.

Notification and Agreement:
Should any modifications be introduced, it will be your responsiblity to review and understand any modifations. We may or may not promptly inform you via email of the change notice. This email will also include the updated Agreement available on our site. If you find any modification unacceptable, you reserve the right to terminate this Agreement. However, your continued participation in the Program after receiving the change notice and accessing the updated Agreement on our site will be considered as your acceptance of the proposed changes. Your understanding and acceptance of our modification policy are crucial for ensuring a transparent and informed business relationship with The Client Connector. If you have any queries regarding modifications or related matters, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Account Setup Fee (if applicable)

Initiation of Account:
Upon entering into this contract, you consent to the charging of a one-time, non-refundable account setup fee to your credit card. This fee encompasses administrative and operational expenses tied to the establishment of your account, guaranteeing the smooth commencement of our lead generation services. Notably, the account setup fee stands apart from any charges associated with lead purchases and holds a non-refundable status without exceptions.

Acknowledgment and Agreement:
By providing your credit card details and authorizing the account setup fee, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions delineated in this contract. You affirm that you have comprehensively reviewed and grasped the pricing structure and payment policies as presented by The Client Connector.

Integral Role in Service Commencement:
The account setup fee assumes a pivotal role in initiating our lead generation services. It is imperative for this fee to be settled in full before any leads are dispatched or services are rendered. Failure to remit this fee punctually may lead to a delay in the initiation of services. It is crucial to note that the account setup fee does not constitute payment for leads and shall not be applied as credit toward any future lead acquisitions.

Non-Refundable Nature:
You understand that the account setup fee constitutes a one-time charge that is non-refundable, even in scenarios where you opt to terminate the services provided by The Client Connector during the course of this contract. Furthermore, you recognize that the account setup fee remains distinct from lead purchase fees and does not impact the pricing structure of the leads provided. Your comprehension and acceptance of the terms concerning the account setup fee are fundamental in establishing a transparent and productive partnership with The Client Connector. If you require further clarification or have inquiries related to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Monthly Service Fee
Subscription Cost:
As a fundamental aspect of this agreement, you grant us authorization to charge your credit card a monthly service fee ranging from $15 to $25 for each active campaign registered under the Client's account. The exact pricing varies based on the targeted industry. This recurring fee is scheduled for processing on or around the 1st day of every month, commencing from the inception of the lead generation services.

Coverage and Benefits:
The monthly service fee encapsulates the ongoing maintenance, management, and optimization of your campaigns within The Client Connector's system. This comprehensive service encompasses tasks such as ensuring the accuracy and currency of information, fine-tuning targeting parameters, and facilitating a seamless lead generation experience.

Distinct from Lead Purchase Fees:
Recognize that the monthly service fee operates distinctly from any charges associated with lead purchases. It is exclusively designated for the continuous upkeep of your account campaigns. Please note that this fee is non-refundable and necessitates full payment to ensure uninterrupted access to lead generation services.

Campaign Deactivation Notice:
Should you choose to deactivate a campaign within your account, it is your responsibility to inform The Client Connector in writing at least 5 business days before the 1st day of the upcoming month. Failing to provide timely notice will result in the monthly service fee being charged for the deactivated campaign in the following month.

Accurate Billing Information:
You agree to maintain precise and up-to-date credit card information on file with The Client Connector by using the features available in your online dashboard, ensuring seamless processing of the monthly service fee. In the event of any changes to your billing information, prompt updating with The Client Connector's dashboard is essential. Your acknowledgment and compliance with the terms pertaining to the monthly service fee are crucial for establishing a productive and beneficial partnership with The Client Connector. Should you require any clarifications or have inquiries related to this matter, please feel free to reach out to us.

Required Reserve Amount (if applicable):
Necessity of Reserve Amount:
Under this agreement, it is mandatory for you to establish and uphold a Reserve Amount on each active campaign linked to your account. This Reserve Amount serves as a protective measure, ensuring the availability of funds for unsettled billable leads and facilitating the seamless operation of the lead generation services offered by us.

Calculation and Maintenance of Reserve Amount:
The Reserve Amount for each campaign will be computed at three times the highest bid amount designated for that particular campaign. To illustrate, if a given campaign's highest bid is $35, the Reserve Amount for that campaign will be upheld at a minimum of $105 ($35 x 3 = $105).
Monitoring and Adjustment:
The Client Connector will vigilantly monitor the Reserve Amount balance for each campaign and take requisite actions to sustain the balance at or above the calculated Reserve Amount.

Refilling the Reserve Amount:
Should the Reserve Amount balance for a campaign descend below the designated minimum, The Client Connector retains the prerogative to charge the credit card affiliated with that campaign for any unpaid billable leads associated with it. The charged amount will represent the discrepancy between the current Reserve Amount balance and the essential minimum Reserve Amount.

If a campaign possesses a Reserve Amount of $105 and features two outstanding billable leads at $25 each, yielding a prevailing Reserve Amount balance of $55, The Client Connector will bill the credit card linked with the campaign $50 to restore the Reserve Amount balance to the required $105.

Refund of Reserve Amount:
Upon the closure of your account with The Client Connector, the Reserve Amount will be fully refundable. To initiate the account closure and trigger the refund process, a written notification of your request must be submitted to The Client Connectorvia email to support@theclientconnector.com with subject `Refund of Reserve Amount Requested`. The refund of the Reserve Amount will be processed within 30 days of receiving the written notification.
By proceeding with this agreement, the Client acknowledges and accepts the stipulations associated with the Reserve Amount. The Client also comprehends that the Reserve Amount functions as a security measure and holds no bearing on the billing for leads or any other charges related to the lead generation services offered by The Client Connector.
By using our services and participating in the Program, you signify your acceptance of the terms outlined in this Agreement. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from using our services or participating in the Program.
Last Updated: 09-29-2023
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Agreement, please contact us at support@theclientconnector.com.

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